Entertainment Quantified

Sep 23, 2000 - Film


Bait was an out of this world great movie. It’s too bad that it won’t win any awards, but who cares about them any way. It was an action movie for comedy buffs, and a comedy for action lovers. What I mean by that is that this movie really made sense. It had a perfect balance of action, drama, and comedy. I didn’t find myself looking at the time, or wondering how much longer it would go on, even though it was 2 hours long.

Sep 23, 2000 - Film

Nurse Betty

Rene Zellweger and Morgan Freeman shine on the screen. Chris Rock seems to be over acting, and the rest of the cast is just a bit lost. Maybe their acting style was purposely mocking daytime television, but who knows. If you are in the mood for a good laugh at a dark comedy, this is your movie (aside from the scalping in the first act).

Aug 20, 2000 - Food Restaurants

Buca de Beppo's

This was my first trip to Buca de Beppo’s. After many rave reviews from friends (mainly Darya). After waiting the longest fifteen minutes of my life we were seated in a dining area that left my eyes floating from one thing to another (the ceiling of wine bottles is incredible). Then waiting another 10 minutes for our waiter to make his first appearance was painful (especially since I hadn’t had anything to eat in 11 hours).

Aug 17, 2000 - Fun Games

Cruis'n Exotica

You would think that after Cruis’n USA and World that I would have learned my lesson. These games really aren’t anything more than a bit of splash. Exotica takes you on a journey through some exotic places (Mars, Egypt, Las Vegas, and more). The nice part about it is the arcade version has moving chairs and an option to enter a code to save your progress with new vehicles and tracks after so many miles.

Aug 16, 2000 - Film

The Hollow Man

Paul Verhoeven is successful in bringing together a wonderful movie that is spectacular to watch as the special effects steal the show… in a good way. The story line is good and keeps you interested in the characters, although some of the characters roles aren’t truly developed. This will leave you with thoughts of, “Why was she in the movie?” Kevin Bacon’s character seems in a bit of a hurry to become evil, but that could just be attributed to a studio trying to keep the running time down to less than 2 hours.