Bullet Journal

Tags: notes, organization, GTD

It turns out I’m not the only one that uses Moleskines in the way that I do, but this site BulletJournal.com takes it to a new level that I’m going to have to check out. When I was working at agencies I’d have multiple projects going on all at the same time. I’d use my journal to keep notes and important information in a safe location. I would have a Table of Contents for date, project name and major important pages. Each page in the journal was numbered and every time I’d switch project I’d label the section with the new project name.

This Bullet Journal technique takes this methodology in a new direction. Starting each month with a calendar overview and then each day gets a section for to-do’s notes and other things. It’s a pretty clever idea and one that I’ll add to my current methodology.

The most important thing is from David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. You have to have a trusted source to put ideas and to-do items. My trusted source has been my Moleskine notebooks, and this new addition of Bullet Journal will add just a little bit more organization to the way I’m doing things now.

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