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May 28, 2023 - Music Hardware Speakers

KEF LSX Speakers Part Three

Four months ago my KEF LSX speakers died. I was devastated especially since I read on Reddit that it would cost more to repair them than to just buy new ones. I went on a search to find new speakers. I wrote that blog and I posted it to Twitter @‘ing KEF America. And you know what? They reached out to me.

My New KEF LSX II Speakers

They wrote to me asking what happened and if they could help. I loved those speakers so I sent them in to their support department to see if they can fix them. Once they got my speakers they warned me that they had a long queue of speakers to work on and that it would take a while for them to get to mine. After a couple of months I wrote to them asking for a status. They called me and said that they still have a backup due to the chip shortage. Then they asked me the most glorious question of all: Would you be willing to upgrade to a brand new pair of KEF LSX II for half price instead of waiting?

I jumped on that chance faster than you can imagine. I got the speakers this week and set them up. They are black (like the ones pictured above) instead of green like my old pair, but I really like the black. KEF is smart enough to not do piano black. The face is a matt black finish and the sides are covered in a fabric that is a heather black and gray.

I know I just posted a blog post saying that experts kind of suck, but holy heck I could tell a difference right away between these KEF LSX II’s and the speakers I previously had. Or maybe it’s just because a lot of time has gone by and I’ve been using my Apple Air Pods Pro, but man these speakers sounds amazing. I am so happy.

I guess the moral of this story is that you should always maintain the warranty from everything that you truly care about and trust in the actual company performing a repair than the word of some rando on Reddit.