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Feb 22, 2023 - Music Hardware Speakers

KEF LSX Speakers Take Two

My beloved KEF LSX Speakers are dead.

A little under two years ago I bought the KEF LSX Speakers and I absolutely loved them. Using them primarily for listening to music and computer speakers they were amazing. Perfect size. Awesome sound. Lots of connectivity. Absolutely perfect. Until one day a couple weeks ago they just stopped right in the middle of a meeting. The main speaker had a red blinking light on it. Panicked I unplugged the speaker and tried to bring it back. It worked for about 5 minutes but it just stopped working again with the red blinking light. I quickly googled with Bing what that meant and someone on Reddit said that it’s a bad power supply and you need to send them in to be replaced. These speakers are out of warrantee and sending them to Europe would cost about $200 plus the $200 repair bill. Not really looking forward to that I wrote to KEF to ask what I can do, they have yet to respond. 😒 I’m really bummed.

“It’s dead Jim” - Scotty… probably

I’m in the market for new speakers and I found the Klipsch Promedia Heritage 2.1 in walnut. So far they are good, but not great. They play like computer speakers would and that is that they could be a lot better. If anyone out there knows someone at KEF that can help me out, I’d love to get these repaired or replaced. Thanks!