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Feb 6, 2021 - music

Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight

Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight

Foo Fighters quickly became one of my favorite artists way back in college, and I’ve been anxious to get my ears on every new bit of music they produce. David Grohl is by far one of the most talented musicians alive today. I know that Foo Fighters is more than just him, but back in the day he wrote the entire first album by himself. Anyway, we aren’t here to talk about the past. We want to discuss the present.

Medicine at Midnight is quite the album. When I first heard Shame Shame about a month ago as the first single from the album I wasn’t impressed. I thought it was all build-up with no release. However, now that I can put it in context of the rest of the album I can hear how it fits in to this compilation.

That’s what a good album is, it’s a compilation. The artist made their own mix tape and gave it to us, the fans. Taking a single song out and releasing it as a single must be hard for an album like this. I think though that there are many good songs on this album. It starts off with Making a Fire. This is a groovy song that you can immediately sing along with. Then it sinks into the second song, the aforementioned Shame Shame. This song on its own I don’t particularly like but in the context of the album it fits and can hold its own.

The third song comes along called Cloudspotter. This has that classic Foo Fighters sound that just rocks your ears. This is followed up with a slower starting song called Waiting on a War. As I said it starts off slow with a nice acoustic guitar and some synthesizers and it builds adding the bass, keyboards, and finally drums. It’s a nice refrain in the middle of the album. You know, take it down a notch for a little 4 minute song that builds from light to heavy.

The title track comes next: Medicine at Midnight, and I have to say this is a bit of a different feel for the Foo Fighters. David’s voice comes through great and the song as a whole hits a groove that’s light and fluffy. Now on the LP this is where you have to flip the LP. No Son of Mine comes next. This song starts off with heavy guitars and builds to the classic sounding Foo Fighters.

Next you have Holding Poison. This has a poppy rock sound that is easy to listen to. Chasing Birds has a mellow tempo and in my opinion is the down part of the album. It’s the acid trip period of the Beetles without actually being on acid. What is this song trying to tell us? Probably that the end of the album is coming up next. Finally the album comes to a close with Love Dies Young. This song is a fast paced song about… you guessed it Love and how it dies young.

What is found through out this post is the term “classic Foo Fighters sound.” It really is the classic Foo Fighters, but it isn’t boring. It doesn’t come off as “just another Foo Fighters album.” Even though it is another Foo Fighters album, it feels fresh and modern. It will sit well on the shelf next to Foo Fighters, Colour & The Shape, and In Your Honor. I would highly recommend this album, and if you are going to listen to it, please do us all a favor and listen to it from beginning to end without the addition of random. I personally have the repeat button clicked on Spotify.

Let me know if you liked it.


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