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May 3, 2020 - TV

The Good Place

The Good Place

The Good Place is a show about the afterlife. Now before we go on we should briefly talk about religion. Religion is a tricky subject. What one person believes is different than what another person believes. This is so true that wars from the beginning of time have been fought over it. This show doesn’t talk about religion. In fact I don’t recall a single mention of the word “God” in the whole thing.

When you die your point total is calculated and you either go to the good place or the bad place. This is a story of four people that end up in the good place and the trials and tribulations that happen to them. I won’t give anything away because it was really good and I think you should watch it.

The cast is really good with good chemistry between all of the various love interests, and the robot (not a robot) girl (not a girl) know-it-all doesn’t come across as mechanical. The writing is also really good. We became so involved with the characters that we cried at the end of the show. The story itself has a logical beginning, middle, and most importantly a satisfying ending.

So go enjoy a new TV show.