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Feb 9, 2020 - TV Apple TV+

Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet

Apple TV+ is relatively new. It only started in November. This February we saw a new show called Mythic Quest. From the outside it appears to be Apple’s answer to Silicon Valley, but watching the first episode I can’t help but think it’s closer to The IT Crowd than it is to Silicon Valley. What I mean is that it’s a comedy that tries to make fun of the gaming industry. Silicon Valley is a comedy that makes fun of Silicon Valley and the IT Crowd just makes fun of IT. Still not seeing the difference. IT Crowd goes overboard it its mocking of the IT industry, just like Mythic Quest makes fun of the gaming industry. Whereas Silicon Valley has enough truth in it to hurt while watching it and you end up laughing at yourself.

Okay enough of the comparisons. What’s it about? I’ve only seen the first episode. It’s about a very successful video game and the company’s desire to get an expansion pack out the door. The miss on a lot of levels about the realism of software development. I’m not sure they care about those parts. But since it was at least partially produced by Ubisoft there must be more truth in there than I know. I haven’t worked in the gaming industry ever, but with 22 years of software development experience I know that you can’t just “work all weekend” and produce a quality product.

Anyway, it was funny, and the gags in it about HR being a therapist and QA not feeling like they are being heard all ring true. Even if it’s a bit over the top at times. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the series. It’s not as good as For All Mankind on Apple TV+, but it’s better than a lot of stuff out there today.