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Aug 26, 2010 - Film



Yes it is.

Do you need to know any more than that? Yes? Well, let’s see. This is the story of a looser, as most comic book stories are, and this looser has a crush on a girl. But this looser gets mugged one too many times and decides to become a super hero. He dresses up like a schmuck and goes to stop muggers, but gets his butt kicked. Anyway, he doesn’t stop, the girl gets interested in the hero, but thinks the kid is gay. Then the hero gets mixed up in the Mob and things go really sour.

I am trying to be vague because it’s a really good movie and I think you should see it. Provided you are an adult that is okay with a lot of foul language (like an 11 year old saying the C word), and a lot of blood. the blood is on par with Kill Bill so it’s mostly comic. The language could be a stickler for most people though.

Anyway, I loved this movie, and I will probably buy it and buy the sequel when it comes out.