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Feb 14, 2010 - Film



Bruce Willis leads a cast of characters including James Cromwell and Ving Rhames in this Sci-Fi action/murder mystery. Written by Michael Ferris who also penned such wonderful movies like Catwoman, the Net, and the Net 2.0, you should probably take the hint that this may not be the best movie out there.

The movie has some interesting subtexts about humans living in a world where their surrogates (a robot avatar that lives life for them) take risks the human operators probably wouldn’t take. The lead character never really finds out where the mysterious weapon that kills surrogates and their controller came from, but the electronic bong hits that some surrogates were taking at one part of the movie was incredibly similar.

The whole thing was a bad attempt at looking at the future through Steven Spielberg’s human disapproving eyes. For more on that, one should refer to the movie Artificial Intelligence: AI. We are all self destructive and technology will destroy us. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look I have an online persona as much as anyone else, but there just is no chance that the future will come out so black and white that civilized society will live in Surrogates with hosts that lay in bed all day popping pills, while the people against Surrogates are the outsiders living in trailer parks.

It’s not enough to say “be civil” anymore, and “don’t worry, be happy” doesn’t convey the right meaning. From now on, just be pragmatic you loser.

If you have an hour and a half to kill and you need some Sci-Fi watch this, but honestly I didn’t think that it was worth the cost of plastic the DVD was pressed into.