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Jan 25, 2010 - Food

Domino's Inspired New Pizza

Domino’s Logo

Friday night is pizza night in my household, and now that there’s a new SyFy show on, Caprica, it’s even more important that we spend a simple family night eating pizza, and enjoying each other’s company.

This past Friday we decided to try Domino’s new pizza. They’ve changed the cheese by adding a hint of provolone. They’ve seasoned the crust with garlic, and they’ve changed the sauce with more herbs and red pepper. This was all a bad move in my opinion.

Although I really like garlic, the crust just didn’t taste right. The new dough would be better suited for their garlic bread, but that’s probably the inspiration for the pizza crust.

The cheese was good, but really it’s mozzarella with a little bit of provolone how could they screw this up? Besides, by putting provolone in there they are probably saving money.

Finally there was the sauce. How can I phrase this without being overly critical? The sauce was appallingly bad. I thought it was too salty, too spicy (in a bad way), and overall it attacked my taste buds with a murderous rampage that can only be dealt with by special forces.

Their old pizza was a good standby for those nights when I didn’t want to pay $32 for excellent pizza. Overall, to improve their old pizza would’ve been as simple as making the crust a little thicker, put a little more cheese and sauce on it, and don’t be so stingy on the toppings.

Now don’t just take my word for it. At $5.99 per pizza (minimum 2 pizzas) you should try it yourself, but I didn’t enjoy it.