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Jul 28, 2008 - Food

Maybe Starbucks isn't Evil

I used to hate on Starbucks like everyone else, but lately I’ve really grown to like them. Why? Recently they made a lot of corporate changes and one of them was that they now have the same coffee every day for regular drip coffee. It is called Pike’s Roast and it is really good. Does that mean that I’ve shredded my Peet’s Coffee and Tea card? No, I still prefer going to Peet’s mainly because all the employees know my wife and I. Although recently it’s become clear they only know me when I’m with my wife, but I digress.

The Starbucks across the street from where I work is a great place. The employees are incredibly friendly, they all recognize me, and one (Amanda) even knows me by my name. The added benefit that every time I order a coffee from them it will taste like the last time I ordered a coffee from them makes me wish the Starbucks closer to home were as friendly as this one.

I’m sure nobody from the Starbucks will ever read this blog, but if anyone out there wants an excellent cup of coffee and some truly great and honestly friendly service I cannot recommend the Starbucks at 701 Battery St in San Francisco enough.

Thank you all for consistently providing excellent coffee and great service.