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May 12, 2007 - Film

The World's Fastest Indian

World’s Fastest Indian

Ah, back to what I know best, reviewing movies. This morning Leanne and I watched a true story about a 67 year old man from New Zealand named Burt Munro, played by Anthony Hopkins. The World’s Fastest Indian follows our hero from New Zealand to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where Burt is attempting to find his way into the record books with the fastest motorcycle 1000cc’s or smaller.

Some of you know how I feel about true stories. There are the Erin Brockovich stories that basically show you what a horrible person you are and make you feel stupid, small, and weak. Then there are the Apollo 13 stories that make you feel excellent about being alive. I’m happy to report that the World’s Fastest Indian is a feel good true story.

Anthony Hopkins delivers a masterful performance, as you’d expect, and the supporting cast did an excellent job as well. The story was a little slow at times, and I’m thinking that I watch too many stories like Lost. I think that because I kept looking for things to repeat. Like when he’d go pee on his lemon tree. I was waiting for the neighbor kid to turn up dead because he ate them, or something like that. You’ll be relieved to know that this is just a straight forward story, with no plot twists or turns.

Enjoy this movie for what it is, a feel-good true story with some good acting.