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May 10, 2007 - Fun TV

Lost 3.20


Before we begin, this includes spoilers. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the 9 May Episode of Lost.

Is John Locke dead? I think it’s too convenient that Ben just left him in that pit to die. Possibly Jacob would come along and save him. What was with the “Help Me” that John heard? It certainly sounded like Ben, but then all hell broke lose in the cabin and flashing frame by frame clearly shows this man sitting in a chair:

To see more, and for even more crazy ideas, go here.

He doesn’t look like anyone I recognize from the island, but perhaps it’s that guy from the Dharma initiative video’s only aged a bunch of years.

Speaking of aging, how is it that when Ben is what looks like 16 or maybe even 18 he meets Richard Alpert and Richard looks to be the same age as he is in the current time? Many of you know what my theory on the island is: That it is the battle ground between good and evil. There are angels and arch-angels on the island trying to free the souls of the Lost. The island isn’t Lost, the people on it are. I’m using the word angels for lack of a better term. Anyway, according to my theory there are good and evil angels. I wouldn’t think that angels would age. This would explain why Richard looks the same in the past as he does now.

Enough mythology. Roger Work Man is Ben’s father. He is also the man that Hurley and Jin pulled out of the VW Van they found in a previous episode. Many people felt that episode, 3.10 “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”, was a dud. Nothing of value in it. However, maybe now you can see that the van had significance and so did the scene where Sawyer was sitting next to the skeleton drinking a beer with him. Seems that’s the way he lived, that’s the way he died, and that’s the way he is while dead. Fitting, don’t you think?

Okay, so back to the Lost camp. Sawyer comes back to the island with proof that Juliet is working with Ben to kidnap the pregnant women of the camp. Everyone is riled up and Jack and Juliet went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. They return and there’s a town hall meeting preparing to crucify the poor girl. In her defense she tells them to listen to the part of the tape that describes when the Others are coming. What kind of defense is that? Jack, “oh, yeah, I knew but I didn’t tell you all because I’m your father and I know what’s best for you all.” blah…

Season finale is only 2 weeks away, and it’s a Jack flash back episode. A Q&A session with the creators on shows that the last 10 minutes of that episode will change the way you look at the island. Sounds intriguing, let’s find out if it actually is.