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Jun 13, 2005 - Site

It's Been a Long Time...

Most of what you see on this web site has been changed. I know it doesn’t look like anything has been changed, but trust me it has. Most of the changes are not all that sexy. You see I have changed the layout from tables layout to a CSS layout. I’m close, but not 100% XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 compliant. Actually, I think the CSS will pass the compliance tests, but without valid XHTML it’s a little bit of a waste. I’m working on it, and I’ll get there. I am also working on a new look and feel to the site. As such I’m taking suggestions on what to change about the site. Right now I know that I’m going to be adding two sections: Books, and Technology. Technology will have subcategories and will range from the end-user how-to’s to the bleeding edge of technology. I’ve already started a line of posts related to ASP.NET, and I hope I’ll have some of those published in the next month or so. Finding time to work on the site has been a challenge. Professionally, I now work at Extractable Solutions in San Mateo. In the past 7 months I’ve done work on the following web sites: Visa, Actel, Glenborough, Novellus, TechCU, and AFCU. That work has made me a better programmer and that improvement has found its way onto this site. The entire backend from the database to the ASP.NET code that displays the page you are reading has been rewritten. I’m still working on some stuff in the back that you can’t see, but trust me the improvements are impressive. The things that you can see are minor. I now have an RSS feed at the bottom of the page. It is page sensitive. That means that if you are in the Stuff section and subscribe to that link you’ll only get the stuff feed. I’m working on a way so that you can post comments from your Feed Reader (providing it complies with the Commenter API). The other change is that I just tonight read a great blog on the MSDN Blog site that describes how to integrate Microsoft Word’s spell check into every textarea on the site. Most of you that know me know I can’t spell to save my life. As such, this is a huge improvement for me. There are some drawbacks though. It only works in Internet Explorer (it’s an ActiveX control) and you’ll need to add my site to your trusted sites. Once this is done you can press F7 when typing in comments and you will see a brief warning that an ActiveX control is going to be run and then Microsoft Word will pop up with the text of the comments in it giving you suggestions for your spelling (I just did it right now, and yes Novellus, Actel, and Blog are all spelled correctly). You are also able to press F8 to do a search and replace in your text. I think that feature is more for me though as I’m not sure I’ve ever needed Find/Replace when I was commenting on a blog. Anyway, I know a lot of people apologize for not writing in their blog, but I do have three other blogs. If you are itching for more information about my wife and I, check out my MSN Space. If you want a more technical blog check out my other MSN Space or my Wallop blog.