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Jun 22, 2005 - Gadgets

Creative Zen Portable Media Center

I’ve had my Creative Zen PMC for about 9 months now and I use it every single day. I would like something smaller, but the size really doesn’t matter since all it does is sit on my desk. I never carry it around aside from taking it home in the evenings, but it’s convenient to have all of my music with me at work.

About a month ago the inline remote stopped working as did the main speaker. Annoyed I stopped using the inline remote. A couple of weeks ago I finished building my Media Center PC and I decided to start sync’ing the Zen with that. So I formatted the hard drive and did the hard reset on it. After getting all the music and video back on it I noticed that the main speaker started working again, and the inline remote also is working again.

If anyone out there has this same problem just take the battery out, and press the reset button with a toothpick. Then put the battery back in it and turn it on. You should have full functionality again.