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Jun 24, 2004 - Science

To Space and Back

On Monday morning above a beautiful California sunrise SpaceShipOne lit its rocket for a historic rise to 62 miles above the Earth’s surface. Advanced Composites, funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, built the SpaceShipOne that has achieved the milestone of being the first privately funded craft to reach the edge of space. However, many in the media are skeptical saying such things as, “62 miles is not space,” and my least favorite, “but it didn’t go into orbit.” Who cares? This was a huge demonstration of what is possible in the private sector. How can people be such losers? This is an example of the media trying to taint our view of reality. The fact is this: The government does not need to do everything for us. In fact, they should just be there to protect us from invaders, foreign and domestic. Nothing more nothing less. Now we have private companies that can fly people into space. The next complaint is this, “Only the rich will be able to go into space.” Well, yeah! Work hard your whole life, and maybe you can afford it too. :-P Stop complaining; stop trying to minimize this event. This is a wonderful accomplishment, and everyone involved should be congratulated. Personally I would have loved to see Buzz Aldrin welcome the pilot into the club. What a rush that would have been.