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Jun 18, 2004 - Gadgets

Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum

I have in my possession what I like to call my bachelor vacuum cleaner. It is a little Dirt Devil that you could mistake for a small twig from a tree. Since Leanne moved in over a year ago she has been asking me to get a new vacuum cleaner. I think mainly because my bachelor one does not do a good job. This week I was shopping on Amazon looking for a CD that my sister wants, and I found that the Dyson, that I know Leanne secretly wanted, was in the Gold Box special. The price was a decent amount lower than I have seen this unit at and at Best Buy. It also qualified for free shipping. So, in my electronic shopping cart it went. This is the top of the range vacuum cleaner that Dyson makes. It is called the Animal because it includes attachments that help get animal hair out of carpets and stuff. However, after cleaning a 3’ by 5’ area of my carpet I think it should be the Animal because of the ferocity that it goes after dirt and dust. It has all the attachment for cleaning stairs and little tiny crevices here and there. There is a mode to stop the brush so you can clean hardwood floors. The best part is the noise. Dyson makes a “silent” model, but this one is pretty quiet. It is quieter than my old bachelor model that I have. To get rid of the dirt you detach the largest part of the unit and place the bottom in the garbage can. Then you pull a trigger and the bottom opens up releasing all the dirt and stuff into the trash. You never have to touch the dirt. Most of the vacuum cleaner comes apart for real anal cleaning. The HEPA filter never has to be replaced and can be hand washed every 6 months. This was not a cheep vacuum cleaner but it is worth every penny. It may shock most of you to know that I am not a very clean person, but after using this vacuum cleaner just a little I am hooked on clean carpets… for now.