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Jun 15, 2004 - Food

Coke C2 -- The New New Coke!

Roughly twenty years ago Coke decided to make New Coke and remove the Old Coke from the shelves. This resulted in pretty much every evil act of the mid to late eighties. Coke got the hint and removed New Coke and replaced it with “Coca-Cola Classic.” For those of you not from the US, that is why we have Coke Classic and you have just Coke. Now Coke is getting on the diet bandwagon and it isn’t happy with having Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Lemon Diet Coke, Lime Diet Coke, Lemon Caffeine Free Diet Coke, and Lime Caffeine Free Diet Coke. They needed a product with at least a little sugar in it to make it taste decent. So they introduced C2. C2 is regular Coke with half the carbs and half the calories, without that horrible good taste that every one loves. You see when C2 first hits your tongue you are fooled into thinking this is just normal coke only sweeter. Then the after taste hits you and you realize that C2 is actually Regular Coke on the first half and Diet Coke on the second half. It finally leaves your tongue with a pasty feel. Yuck! At first glance the soft drink looks the same as regular coke, but then if you compare the two carefully you will notice that C2’s bubbles are whiter than Coke Classic’s more caramelized bubbles. Also, the bottle is identical to the Coke Classic bottle except it has black lettering (see the image on the right). I think the commercials are perfect using the song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” All I want is a decent tasting drink. I guess I can’t get what I want here. All in all this drink is not worth your time, and in fact New Coke tasted better than C2. At least Coca-Cola learned not to remove Coke Classic from the shelves when it releases a new soda. If you are on a diet stick with one of the Diet Coke flavors. Otherwise, if it is not broken, do not fix it.