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Jan 11, 2004 - Fun Games

Rayman 3

Bored with the games that I currently have for the GameBoy I went in search of something new. I had seen a review of Rayman 3 for the PlayStation 2, and it was very positive. However, nothing was said of the little portable version of this game. The screen shots included on the reverse of the box looked incredible. I bought it and plopped it into my GameBoy Advance SP. The screen shots that are included on the back of boxes are not usually a good measure of what the game is actually going to be like. This is usually because they normally put cut scenes on the back. Cut scenes look better because they are rendered into movies by huge and powerful computers taking hours per second to render the most vivid image. In the case of this tiny little game, the images on the back were exactly what was seen in the actual game play. Speaking of the game play, this game is a simple platform game in the same respect as Super Mario Brothers. The biggest difference though is that this game is really beautiful to look at and play. I was totally immersed in the game and had to keep remembering that I was playing on a GameBoy, not my GameCube. I have been looking to rent Rayman 3 for the PlayStation 2 or the GameCube, but it has been check out at Blockbuster for a long time now. The little GameBoy version is great though and I look forward to playing it more, once it returns from England.