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Jun 5, 2003 - Fun Games

The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda has a great history of games, starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Wind Waker is the 10th game released in this series and we are taken to a land covered in water with a few islands scattered around here and there. The hero, classically named Link but that name can now be customized, find himself searching through these islands to find and free his sister who was kidnapped in the opening of the game. The first thing everyone says about this new Zelda is, “the cell shading is stupid.” Well whenever you hear someone say that you should immediately ask them if they’ve played the game. Personally I did not like the way they made Link look in the Nintendo 64 Zelda games. This new cell shading is absolutely incredible. If you are ever stuck and need a hint, just look at Link’s eyes. They almost always direct you to where you should be. This game is immense. I have played it off and on for about 20 hours now and I am not even half way finished with it (according to a cheat book that I looked at). I’m happy with that fact though. Considering how long it takes for a new Zelda to come out, I’ll need lots of time to finish this game. The Legend of Zelda series is pretty much the best adventure games ever made. The quality of work that goes into these games should be looked at as the pinnacle of how games should be thought up in general.