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Jan 29, 2003 - Film

Catch Me if you Can

So let us start with the stopping of the name-dropping. We know who built the film and who acted in it. Why don’t we just get to the guts of the matter? Was this film any good? Yes, it was. It was based on a true story, but I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying it. The characters were charismatic and loveable. The supporting actors were incredible, and the story flowed very well. I was never left wondering if this is the present or the past during all the time flips. All in all this movie was well worth the price of admission. Having said that, there was one major problem with the movie. The show opens up on a game show where the contestants have to figure out who is telling the truth. I was hoping that this would be the path the movie would take. Flipping in time between the game show and the past to tell the story. However, after that first scene we are never returned to that game show. I was a little disappointed and would rather Mr. Spielberg had left that scene on the cutting room floor and found another way to get us into the movie. Would I go see it again? Well, I’ll probably rent it on DVD when it comes out in a few months. That is just to see if there is any good deleted scenes and to listed to the director’s commentary (if there is one). The movie was good, but I’m not so sure it’d hold up over multiple viewings.