Entertainment Quantified

Jan 29, 2003 - Film

25th Hour

Edward Norton stars in this film that was directed by Spike Lee. This tells the dark story of a convicted drug dealer on his last night of freedom before heading off to the slammer for 7 years. We are made to feel sorry for this criminal, but Norton’s character knows that what he did was wrong and shows great remorse. However, things get a little hairy when people start pointing the fingers at each other making him wonder who actually turned him in to the DEA. There are times when the time flipping gets a little out of control, but this is part of the way the story was told. I am not going to give away anymore of the plot or how it ends. This was a really good movie, but a little slow. It is not so spectacular visually that you have to run out and see it on the big screen. Rent it some night when you have time to sit back with a beer or two and enjoy the film. There is a lot going on in the picture, but Spike Lee keeps the audience focused on what is really important to the story line. The few sub-plots that take place do not really pan out all the way. That is fine with me. It is well worth the time and money to see this film.