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Aug 14, 2002 - Film

War Games

Hello and welcome to the first of many many 80’s movie reviews. A friend of mine asked me if I grew up wanting to be Matthew Broderick from the movie War Games, and after re-watching this movie for the first time in a couple decades I realized that this movie was a great influence on how my life turned out. That is a problem though. I thought if I was a good little computer nerd I’d end up with someone like Ally Sheedy. Well, I guess my childhood isn’t quite over yet, and who knows, maybe I’ll end up with someone like her after all. The movie pits Matthew’s character as a computer geek that just wants to play a new video game before it’s released against the Federal Government. How did this happen? Well he thought he hacked in to the software manufacturer, but he hacked into the computer that runs all of the nuclear weapons in the US. That computer just wanted someone to play Chess with, it was tired of playing by itself. I can’t blame the poor computer, but no, Matthew wanted to play Thermonuclear War. The super computer of the day agreed and ended up trying to destroy the planet. Great movie. I would recommend this one to everyone at any price. I may even add this one to my DVD collection.