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Aug 14, 2002 - Music

Trust Company - The Lonely Position of Neutral

As I was waiting in line at Tower Records to pay more money for two CD’s than I have ever paid in my life I saw a rack of “CD’s under $10”. Intrigued I spotted a “As Heard on KSJO” sticker right next to a $7.99 sticker. I vaguely remember hearing them on KSJO, and I decided to check it out. If you’ve read my recent reviews you’ll know that I like Filter, also if you know me, you know I like Tool and Disturbed also. Trust Co. is a combination of these sounds, and I really like it. 11 songs, and I don’t have a favorite or a least favorite. It’s all really good. I have recently had pretty good luck with finding new bands. I heard the end of a Default song on the radio, and an hour later I had the CD in my hand for about $9. A few weeks later that same CD, now on the Billboard Charts, was selling for $14.99 on sale from $18.99. Price fixing at it’s best. Trust Company is going to have the same fate. Tonight it is $7.99, a few weeks from now it’ll be $14.99. If you like rock and roll, go get it now. It’s worth it.