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Aug 16, 2002 - Film

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

The Adventures of Pluto Nash is one of those comedies that isn’t drop-to-your-knees-buckling-over-because-your-belly-hurts-from-laughing comedies. It’s one of those over-length-sitcom-turned-into-a-movie-because-the-writer-couldn’t-come-up-with-a-half-hour-story. I liked it all the same though. If you were disappointed, as I was, with this summer’s comedies, you’ll probably like this one. It has funny humor and a great cast. Randy Quaid playing a robot was pretty good, and the ending was really funny. I think the drop ins of modern products detracted a little though from the story. One would think that the wet-nap would have been improved a little by then. Also, the beginning jumps in time a little and they don’t tell you how much it jumped. What I mean is that one minute Pluto buys a beat up night club from the mob (and saves his friend’s life), and the next minute the club is wildly popular filled with pseudo-futuristic dancing to modern Hip Hop music. Anachronisms aside, I couldn’t help but wonder if Matt Groening had anything to do with this movie. It is exactly like an episode of Futurama. That to me is a great thing because I really like that show. This movie is pretty good, and I am glad that I paid money on opening day to see it. I will probably add it to my DVD collection in 6 months as I’m sure it’ll be filled with a lot of hilarious outtakes.