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Aug 14, 2002 - Music

Lemon Jelly - Lemonjelly.Ky

Hello and welcome my friends. Let me tell you about the adventure I just had. I found myself in a strange and wonderful place tonight. A record store. Okay, the ol record shop isn’t that strange for me, I spent many many hours in one in high school. Tonight though I went into a section of the record store I haven’t ever ventured into before… the Techno Section. Why did I do this? Some of you may ask. I did it because a very special young lady recommended some music for me to check out. However, I found that I couldn’t locate many of the recommendations as the section only appeared on the surface to be in alphabetical order. I did find this CD, Lemonjelly.Ky, and I ordered the rest on With free shipping I should have them in a week or two. Now, on to the review. I have this mode that I get into when I am working at home. I can zone everything out. To get into this state I need some good music to listen to. This CD is now on the list of music to listen to. Some of the tracks are a little nerve racking, like A Tune For Jack, but the rest of it is really good. It’s like modern elevator music, only really good. This CD is a compilation of the three EP’s that Lemon Jelly have released. The first few tracks have a retro feel to them, mostly because you can hear the static caused by a record player. I’m not sure who out there thinks that records sound better, but really, they don’t. It’s okay on this though as it adds to the music. I am an idiot though on the price. I actually paid full price for this CD. This full price was in fact $18.99. This is the most I have ever paid for a CD. Was it worth it? No CD is worth $18.99.