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Aug 30, 2002 - Fun

Baseball Strike Averted - For the Next 4 years...

Today is August 30th and the deadline for the players union to reach an agreement on their contract. They reached that agreement at the 11th hour. That means that the Oakland Athletics can return to their third consecutive post-season run. Now the inevitable question for me. Aren’t you happy? I think they did enough damage by threatening the strike. We have no say in the negotiations. It’s not fair. In this economy people have less money to spend on entertainment. Consumer confidence is at a low point, yet the millionaire players are demanding more money from their billionaire bosses, and the poor up to their neck in debt fan is the one that ends up flipping the bill. Come next year I will not be renewing my season tickets, and even though it looks like the A’s are well on their way to the World Series, I won’t be purchasing a post season strip. I wish they had gone on strike. That way they could feel the pain when the fans decided not to return next season. Instead the fans will flock back to their sets thanking the players for not striking, while not noticing that that hot dog that you can buy at the supermarket for twenty cents now costs $8.50, or that they have to pay football ticket prices for thirteen times as many games as in football. This is the end of the line for me. There will be no more baseball games in my future. I will root for the A’s, but it’ll be from reading box scored in the paper. As Dennis Miller said in his HBO show that has it’s contract destroyed, “That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”