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Jul 30, 2002 - Music

Linkin Park - Reanimation

I really didn’t want to like this CD. I almost didn’t buy it. I doubt anyone will ever hear my cries, but I WANT NEW MUSIC!!! I want it all. I want new music. I want new rhythms. I want new lyrics. Is that so much to ask? Instead you give me 20 tracks of lyrics and rhythms that I already know. Did you hear me? I said I know this music very, very well. Okay, the real problem is that I like what they have done with most of the songs. I really believe they destroyed some really good songs like High Voltage, but they did a really good job with other songs. If you are lucky enough to find this CD on sale at $11.99 and you liked Hybrid Theory you might want to consider it. I paid $13.99, and there is no way I would have paid regular price for it. In fact the regular price is $18.99. For that price I’d find all the mp3’s and make my own copy.