Entertainment Quantified

Jul 27, 2002 - Film

K-19 - The Widowmaker

Did you love The Hunt for Red October? What about Crimson Tide? If you did, you might be a little disappointed by this movie. I loved the other two movies, Crimson Tide a little more than Hunt for Red October, and I was let down with this movie. Maybe this was Harrison Ford’s way of saying he’s sorry for not playing Jack Ryan in Hunt. I may have been a little to mean there. As far as “Based on True Stories” go, this was a pretty good one. Harrison Ford plays your typical last minute replacement captain of a submarine. Liam Neeson plays the old captain that stays on to be the XO. There’s tension among the crew, the ship plays a good character, and the timeline is an interesting point in history. However, I just never felt like I was as into the movie as I was at Crimson Tide or Hunt. I paid student price for this movie, and I wish I had only paid for the matinee. I am glad I didn’t rush out to see this opening weekend, but I wish I had waited for it on video. Some of the effects will only be good on the big screen, but make sure you go to it at a theater with great sound. The sound track tests the limits of the speaker system and Shoreline Theater was distorting some of the sound.