Entertainment Quantified

Jul 30, 2002 - Music

Filter - The Amalgamut

This is the third outing for the band Filter. I have the previous one called Title of Record and I listen to it in the background as I’m programming. It somehow gets my brain working. It clears my mind of all the other distractions in my life. I was very fortunate with this new CD. It sounds a lot like the last one. That is what I am looking for in music. It is okay if the artist wants to try a different direction, but please take baby steps. Also, don’t duplicate your music so much that it’s the same words and everything. This CD is a perfect balance. This will be a welcome addition to my “Music to Work By” playlist. I paid $13.99 for it. Full price is $18.99, and I would not ever pay that for any CD. The price I paid was worth it to me. If you liked “Title of Record” you’ll probably want to pick this up. As with all CD’s, in my opinion, if you can’t find it for less than $15 find the mp3’s. The RIAA is being too ridiculous with the pricing of new music. So stick it to them.