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Jul 30, 2002 - Music

Def Leppard - X

Today must be my lucky day. I purchased some truly great music and this CD is well on it’s way to an old favorite. I have always been a fan of Def Leppard, and my friends may make fun of me for that. I don’t care. They produce some really calming music. In fact I rate Hysteria off the Hysteria album as one of my all time favorite songs. I do however miss the songs like Pour Some Sugar on Me and Let’s Get Rocked. I wish they would write more songs like those. 13 songs and not a single one that I will skip over while listening to it. Although this isn’t rock out while driving up 101 good, it is the kind of music you have in the background while doing other things. Then again, it’s also the kind of music you have in the background of a sappy movie. Just kidding. I paid $13.99 for this cd and the regular price was, again, $18.99. There is no way I’d pay full price, and most of you know that I wouldn’t pay more than $15 for a cd in general. However, I’d seriously consider it for this band. I have seen it for $11.99 out there, but this is Def Leppard and they have been good to their audiences so I wouldn’t steal the mp3’s to get this music. Well worth it if you like the mellow sounds of their past CD’s.