Entertainment Quantified

May 5, 2001 - Film

A Knight's Tale

These days a movie preview is sometimes better than the movie itself. I was afraid the same would be true for this movie, and to an extent it was. I am writing mainly of the music. In the previews they took modern rock and added it to the medieval period film. In the film they used less 90’s music and more classic rock. This is not a bad thing. In fact it enhanced the movie. It was great, but I wish they had used more. Especially in the fight sequences. Anachronisms aside the story was your typical boy wants a better life than his dad had, and the dad tells him that he can do anything he puts his mind to. Then, while doing so, he falls in love with someone that he cannot have. SALS™ aside, this is a really good film. It would be a good matinee or pay full price, but don’t fight a crowd to see it. On a side note. I saw this movie at a special sneak preview. I usually like fighting crowds to see the sneak preview because the film print is pristine and there aren’t any pops in the audio track. However, this is probably the worst print I’ve seen. The color faded to yellow three times and the digital sound was lost 8 times. So much for putting your best foot forward.