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Sep 23, 2000 - Film

Almost Famous

I saw this movie a week ago and I liked it so much I went and saw it again today (It was either that or get a life, and hey, who am I kidding?). This movie was great. It had everything I was looking for in this true story. A hero that is a good guy, a plot that I care about, and great music. In my opinion, there are two types of true stories. Good ones (like Apollo 13) and bad ones (like The Insider). I’ve found the difference between the two is that in the good ones, you are left with a great feeling of life. You cared about the heros and villains and you left the movie thinking that life doesn’t suck. The bad ones make you leave the movie thinking just the opposite. You leave it thinking that the government or big companies or someone is out to get you. I don’t like being paranoid. Having said that (sounding like Gaven now…) I liked Almost Famous because it was a “Good True Story™”