Entertainment Quantified

Aug 16, 2000 - Film

The Hollow Man

Paul Verhoeven is successful in bringing together a wonderful movie that is spectacular to watch as the special effects steal the show… in a good way. The story line is good and keeps you interested in the characters, although some of the characters roles aren’t truly developed. This will leave you with thoughts of, “Why was she in the movie?” Kevin Bacon’s character seems in a bit of a hurry to become evil, but that could just be attributed to a studio trying to keep the running time down to less than 2 hours. I think that if the DVD of this movie is filled with deleted scenes, we’ll see some more information on why the team was so worried about the brain. Do people really go nuts if they are invisible? If so, why? There are a few continuity errors (like how does Kevin get back into the lab when the guards need a visual identification to let anyone on the base? If you can see through your eyelids, wouldn’t you cover your eyes when you try to sleep? The ultimate question would be how long do you have to digest your food before it too becomes invisible?). In a two hour movie we can’t expect an entire listing on the entire how’s and why’s of becoming invisible. Although, it is interesting that when the question was asked in the movie, “What would you do if you were invisible?” nobody really gave any answers. What would you do if you were invisible?