Entertainment Quantified

Aug 17, 2000 - Fun Games

Cruis'n Exotica

You would think that after Cruis’n USA and World that I would have learned my lesson. These games really aren’t anything more than a bit of splash. Exotica takes you on a journey through some exotic places (Mars, Egypt, Las Vegas, and more). The nice part about it is the arcade version has moving chairs and an option to enter a code to save your progress with new vehicles and tracks after so many miles. This is similar to Rush 2049. The bad part about it is that although you are traveling 200 miles per hour it looks like you are barely moving. On Mars, for example, when driving on what looks like some sort of force field, the tires don’t even move! Bad design, also there isn’t any penalty for running into rocks. Some bounce out of your way and others you just drive right through. Overall it’s a fun game, but it is not worth buying for your N64.