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Aug 20, 2000 - Food Restaurants

Buca de Beppo's

This was my first trip to Buca de Beppo’s. After many rave reviews from friends (mainly Darya). After waiting the longest fifteen minutes of my life we were seated in a dining area that left my eyes floating from one thing to another (the ceiling of wine bottles is incredible). Then waiting another 10 minutes for our waiter to make his first appearance was painful (especially since I hadn’t had anything to eat in 11 hours). The waiter took his sweet time and nearly got my order correct (Garlic bread is not a good dessert). I would not recommend this restaurant except the food was really very good (plus the added bonus of running into Patti). The other sections looked like they were actually getting attention from their waitress. So, I will return to this fine restaurant.

NOTE: I have, since this review was written, returned more than a few times and the service problem that Dale and I had that first time was a fluke. The wait staff is very nice and very responsive. We just got a bad one that first time.

UPDATE: I am not sure why I have to keep updating this one particular review. I think it has to do with the fact that I really, really want to like this place. However, I cannot bring myself to give it more than a three. The last time I was at Bucca’s was for the rehearsal dinner before my wedding. This was in Las Vegas. The service was exactly the same as when it was just Dale and I. I even had reservations, but they wouldn’t give us the Pope room. As a result the experience was less than desirable. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy it. I would say, give it a chance. It might not be your cup of tea, but then again it might be a really great meal. I do hope you enjoy it.