• 25th Hour

    Tags: film

    Edward Norton stars in this film that was directed by Spike Lee. This tells the dark story of a convicted drug dealer on his last night of freedom before heading off to the slammer for 7 years. We … more

  • The Wedding Planner

    Tags: film

    Let me tell you the story that was overlooked in this movie. It's the story of a little boy. This little boy fell in love with a woman at a very young age. Both of them were children. As such he did … more

  • Baseball Strike Averted - For the Next 4 years...

    Tags: fun

    Today is August 30th and the deadline for the players union to reach an agreement on their contract. They reached that agreement at the 11th hour. That means that the Oakland Athletics can return to … more

  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash

    Tags: film

    The Adventures of Pluto Nash is one of those comedies that isn't drop-to-your-knees-buckling-over-because-your-belly-hurts-from-laughing comedies. It's one of those overlength-sitcom-turned-into-a- … more

  • Panasonic SV-AV10 Camera

    Tags: stuff

    I wanted a small digital camera that I can take to baseball games and stuff in my pocket. I also wanted something that could take digital movies. I found this little tiny device which is a little … more

  • War Games

    Tags: film

    Hello and welcome to the first of many many 80's movie reviews. A friend of mine asked me if I grew up wanting to be Matthew Broderick from the movie War Games, and after re-watching this movie for … more

  • Jay-J Reflections

    Tags: music

    I am a geek, and if that is a surprise to any of my loyal readers out there, then you really don't know me at all. Tonight I was watching The Screen Savers on TechTV and they had a guy on talking … more

  • Trust Company - The Lonely Position of Neutral

    Tags: music

    As I was waiting in line at Tower Records to pay more money for two CD's than I have ever paid in my life I saw a rack of "CD's under $10". Intrigued I spotted a "As Heard on KSJO" sticker right next … more

  • Neverwinter Nights

    Tags: fun

    Neverwinter Nights has been hailed by many game critics as the best game of the year. I see it on everyone's top ten list. I was jonesing for a new game, so I bought it. At $55 it was a little steep, … more

  • Lemon Jelly - Lemonjelly.Ky

    Tags: music

    Hello and welcome my friends. Let me tell you about the adventure I just had. I found myslef in a strange and wonderful place tonight. A record store. Okay, the ol record shop isn't that strange for … more

  • Linkin Park - Reanimation

    Tags: music

    I really didn't want to like this CD. I almost didn't buy it. I doubt anyone will ever hear my cries, but I WANT NEW MUSIC!!! I want it all. I want new music. I want new rhythms. I want new lyrics. … more

  • Def Leppard - X

    Tags: music

    Today must be my lucky day. I purchased some truly great music and this CD is well on it's way to an old favorite. I have always been a fan of Def Leppard, and my friends may make fun of me for that. … more

  • Filter - The Amalgamut

    Tags: music

    This is the third outing for the band Filter. I have the previous one called Title of Record and I listen to it in the background as I'm programming. It somehow gets my brain working. It clears my … more

  • Our Lady Peace - Gravity

    Tags: music

    Our Lady Peace's fifth album Gravity is everything that I've come to expect from modern rock music. They have the same energy as such bands as Nickelback, Hoobastank, and Default. The current single … more

  • K-19: The Widowmaker

    Tags: film

    Did you love The Hunt for Red October? What about Crimson Tide? If you did, you might be a little disappointed by this movie. I loved the other two movies, Crimson Tide a little more than Hunt for … more

  • Austin Powers in Goldmember

    Tags: film

    This third installment of the Austin Powers franchise is every bit as funny as the second, and then a little more. Still not as good as the original, this episode extends it's own reach to make fun … more

  • Monsters Ball

    Tags: film

    Okay, I have to tell you about this movie going experience even though I wouldn't recommend the movie to all but the hard core movie lovers. The movie was "Monster's Ball" and I saw it on Sunday the 1 … more

  • The Mummy Returns

    Tags: film

    The Mummy Returns had everything the first one had, but it had something at the end that killed its chances of being better than the first. The end's computer animation lost something that the rest … more

  • A Knight's Tale

    Tags: film

    These days a movie preview is sometimes better than the movie itself. I was afraid the same would be true for this movie, and to an extent it was. I am writing mainly of the music. In the previews … more

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