• New Postal Rates

    Tags: stuff

    Today the cost of mailing a first-class letter is going up to $0.41. The USPS is also  introducing a Forever stamp that will allow you to use this stamp even if the cost of stamps increase. Buy … more

  • Changes to Ratings - Smoking Kills

    Tags: film

    The MPAA added a new criteria that it will look for when rating a movie. They will now look at the amount of smoking in the movie as an indicator to the rating they give it. More information here. … more

  • The World's Fastest Indian

    Tags: film

    Ah, back to what I know best, reviewing movies. This morning Leanne and I watched a true story about a 67 year old man from New Zealand named Burt Munro, played by Anthony Hopkins. The World's … more

  • Lost 3.20

    Tags: film

    Before we begin, this includes spoilers. Don't read if you haven't seen the 9 May Episode of Lost.

    Is John Locke dead? I think it's too convenient that Ben just left him in that pit to die. Possibly … more

  • I think my hangover has a hangover

    Tags: stuff

    Think about this. If you left your company right now, would you still be going to their parties 7 years from now? I'm guessing that you probably would not. 7 years ago I left a company called … more

  • Delmonico's Steak House

    Tags: food

    I'm in Las Vegas right now for the Mix07 Web Conference. Tonight I finally got the chance to have dinner at Delmonico's thanks to Mark's Stacy's Sister. ;-)

    I had a Filet Mignon cooked medium with … more

  • Hey, Hey, Hey! What do you know?

    Tags: stuff

    Greetings and salutations everyone! It has been a long time since I've written anything in this blog. For the most part that is because I've been working on it. I know you don't believe me, and that … more

  • It was only a matter of time

    The former cyber security advisor stated today that developers should be held accountable for security flaws in their code. It was only a matter of time before this would happen. I foresee in the … more

  • Where was Microsoft?

    Tags: stuff

    Apple today unveiled the video iPod. With its 2.5 inch screen you can watch music videos for $1.99 each or you can download TV programs from last night. I can do this today with my Creative Zen … more

  • I have an Xbox, now I need Halo2

    Bungie will remove anyone playing HALO2 using a modded Xbox after a small update to the game today. This is in response to the tremendous amount of cheating that's been going on. In addition to the … more

  • Creative Zen Portable Media Center

    Tags: stuff

    I've had my Creative Zen PMC for about 9 months now and I use it every single day. I would like something smaller, but the size really doesn't matter since all it does is sit on my desk. I never … more

  • It's Been a Long Time...

    Tags: stuff

    Most of what you see on this web site has been changed. I know it doesn't look like anything has been changed, but trust me it has. Most of the changes are not all that sexy. You see I have changed … more

  • Law & Order: The Bad Ending...

    Tags: film

    Elisabeth Rohm plays Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn on NBC's Law & Order. Tonight's episode was her last on the show. Over the past year her character has had a few ethical … more

  • TiVo is not a Noun or a Verb

    Tags: film

    According to a story you are no longer allowed to say "Oh I Tivo'd it last night." You are also not allowed to say "TiVo is the greatest invention of all time." According to TiVo you are … more

  • The Incredibles

    Tags: film

    The Incredibles is the newest Pixar animated movie. It stars Craig T. "Coach" Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson playing the voices of the world's greatest Superheros. Until people started … more

  • Spider-Man 2

    Tags: film

    Taking in more than $40.5 Million on the opening day, spurred on by an estimated $5 Million from midnight showings, Spider-Man 2 beat Spider-Man 1 for second place in opening day ticket sales. Number … more

  • To Space and Back

    Tags: physics

    On Monday morning above a beautiful California sunrise SpaceShipOne lit its rocket for a historic rise to 62 miles above the Earth's surface. Advanced Composites, funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul … more

  • Dodgeball

    Tags: film

    Movies are made to entertain people. I have said it numerous times that if you only go to movies to find the secret to life you will be disappointed. Dodgeball is an entertaining movie, but it will … more

  • No Doubt and Blink 182 Concert

    Tags: music

    One of the New Years Resolutions that Leanne and I have is to see more concerts than we did in 2003. Since we only went to 5 concerts last year this should not be too difficult of a task. Last night … more

  • Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum

    Tags: stuff

    I have in my possession what I like to call my bachelor vacuum cleaner. It is a little Dirt Devil that you could mistake for a small twig from a tree. Since Leanne moved in over a year ago she has … more

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